Faculty of Arts - Asian Studies

Professor Manying Ip

BA (Hong Kong), MA, PhD

Postgraduate Adviser Asian Studies

Professor Manying Ip

Asian Studies, Cultures, Languages and Linguistics

Email: my.ip@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 87531 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

Arts 2
18 Symonds St
Level Level 4
Room 434
Hours Wednesday 11-1.

Postgraduate Supervision

Hang Yin "Chinese Cyberspace: Nationalism and Identity" (PhD in Asian Studies, ongoing).

Weiman Lu "Transnationality of Chinese Migrants in New Zealand as Manifested Online" (MA in Asian Studies, ongoing).

Matthew Z. Okey "Old and New: Divisions of Identity in the New Zealand Chinese Community, 1945-2000" (MA in History, ongoing).

Phoebe Li  "Imaging Chinatown: New Zealand Chinese language media and the 1005 General Election" (PhD in Chinese, completed).

Kathy Ooi "'Chineseness' in New Zealand Literature" (PhD in English, completed).

Liangni Liu "Homeland on the Move: Returning PRC migrants" (PhD in Asian Studies, completed).

Qiuyan Liang "Foreignisation as a Translation Technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine Texts" (Master of Professional Studies in Translation, 2007).

Liangni Liu  "Perceptions of Māori among New Chinese Migrants in New Zealand" (MA in Asian Studies, 2005).

Jenny Chan "Hong Kong Immigrants to New Zealand" (Master of Development Studies, 2004).

Sze-wen Kung "The Translation of the Story of Ah Q" (Master of Prof Studies in Translation, 2003).
Hui Huang "Comparing Two Translations of the Story of the Stone" (Master of Prof Studies in Translation, 2003).

Sunday SK Tsoi, PhD (2002 - ) "The Chinese Presbyterian Church as a social institution in New Zealand".

Sylvia Sui-wah Chu, EdD (2002) "The Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of the Life Skills Program for Chinese Migrant Students".

Pepe Choong, MA in Asian Studies, (2002) "Chinese Mothers and Kiwi Daughters: exploring the identity issues of Chinese New Zealanders".

Haomin Jaeger, MProfStud (2002) "Examining the principles of translation/ subtitling in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

Bernard Jen, MProfStud (2002) "Yan Fu's Principles of Translation and Skopos Theories in Tianyanlun".

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