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Dr Helen Basturkmen


Associate Professor,
MA thesis and dissertation coordinator for MTESOL and Applied Linguistics

Dr Helen Basturkmen

Cultures, Languages and Linguistics, Applied Language Studies and Linguistics

Email: h.basturkmen@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 84965 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

Arts 1 Building
14a Symonds St
Level Level 4
Room 433

Research interests

  • English for specific purposes
  • Discourse analysis: cohesion and coherence; pragmatics and genre analysis
  • Feedback on written discourse

Current research

Current research projects include an investigation into cohesion and connectivity in student writing and a study of language-related strategies of subject lecturers. 

Dr Helen Basturkmen's Research

Postgraduate supervision

I am currently supervising students who are researching:

  • Teachers’ provision of feedback on discourse features in students’ writing
  • Comparative genre study for pedagogical purposes 
  • Team teaching in Japan 
  • Teacher feedback & student self-regulation
  • Genre learning

Dr Helen Basturkmen's Postgraduate Supervision

Recent publications


Basturkmen, H. Ideas and Options in English for Specific Purposes (2006). New York: Routledge. 200 pp.

Basturkmen, H. Developing Courses in English for Specific Purposes (2010). Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan. 176 pp.

Selected articles


Basturkmen, H. Replication research in comparative genre analysis in English for Academic Purposes. Language Teaching: Surveys and Studies. Cambridge University Press.

Basturkmen, H. Between territories and domains: ESP-oriented enquiry in the borders - course development, genre analysis and the role of ESP in education. ASP (Revue de Group d'Etude et de la Recherche en Anglais de Specialite). 



Rose, P. & Basturkmen, H.  Exploring children's use of referencing in narrative writing in Guyana. New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics, 19 (1): 35-44.

Basturkmen, H. Language for Specific Purposes. Review Article. In Michael Byram, and Adelheid Hu (eds.) Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning (pp. 391-395). Oxford: Routledge.

Basturkmen, H. English for Specific Purposes. In Michael Byram, and Adelheid Hu (eds.) Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning (pp. 223-225). Oxford: Routledge.

Nguyen, Thi Thuy Minh & Basturkmen, H. Requesting in Vietnamese as a second language. In Roever, C. & Nguyen, H. T. (Eds.). Pragmatics of Vietnamese as native and target language (pp. 13-75). Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i, National Foreign Language Resource Center.

Basturkmen, H., East, M. & Bitchener, J. Supervisors' on-scrtip feedback comments on drafts of dissertations: socialising students into the academic discourse community. Teaching in Higher Education DOI:10.1080/13562517.2012.752728 http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/cdW9RU2tsuhV77ASxfHd/full


Basturkmen, H. “Metalanguage” In C. A. Chapelle (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell.

Basturkmen, H. “Needs analysis and syllabus design for language for specific purposes.” In C. A. Chapelle (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell.

Reprint: Nesi, H. & Basturkmen, H. 2012. Lexical bundles and discourse signalling in academic lectures. Reprinted in Biber, D. & Reppen, R. (Eds.) Corpus Linguistics: Volume 1: Lexical Studies. Sage Benchmarks in Language and Linguistics (pp. 287-306). Los Angeles: Sage Publications. 

East, M., Bitchener, J. & Basturkmen, H. What constitutes effective feedback to postgraduate research students? The students' perspective. Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 9 (2), 2012.  

Basturkmen, H. 2012. Languages for specific purposes curriculum creation and implementation in Australasia and Europe. Modern Language Journal, 96, S1: 59-70.

Basturkmen, H. 2012. Review of research into the correspondence between language teachers' stated beliefs and practices. System, 40, 2: 282-295.   

Basturkmen, H. 2012. A genre-based investigation of discussion sections in research articles in dentistry and disciplinary variation. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 11, 2: 134-144.


Nguyen, T. T. M. and Basturkmen, H. “Chapter 9, Teaching Constructive Critical Feedback". In Tatsuki, D. and Houck, N. (eds.) Pragmatics from research to practice: Teaching speech acts. Alexandria, VA: TESOL.

Philp, J., Walter, S. And Basturkmen, H. “Peer interaction in the foreign language classroom: what factors foster a focus on form?" Language Awareness, 19, 4. 261-279.

Bitchener, J, Basturkmen, H. and East, M. “The focus of supervisor written feedback to thesis/dissertation students", International Journal of English Studies, 10, 2. 79-98.


Basturkmen, H. “Commenting on results in published research articles and masters dissertations in language teaching", Journal of English for Academic Purposes 8: 241-251.

Basturkmen, H. “Chapter 4. Back cover blurbs: Puff pieces and windows on cultural values.”, In Hyland, K. and Diani, G. (ed.), Academic evaluation: review genres in university settings, Basingstoke, UK, Palgrave MacMillan, pp 68-86.

Nesi, H. and Basturkmen, H. “Lexical bundles and discourse signalling in academic lectures", In Flowerdew, J. and Mahlberg, M. (ed.), Lexical cohesion and corpus linguistics, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp 23-43.

2013 Conferences

Sponsored by Macmillan Education:  Developing specific purposes courses. 4th English for Specific Purposes Conference, Hochschule, Elm, Germany, 04 Oct 2013 - 05 Oct 2013. 

Plenary: Between territories and domains. ESP-oriented enquiry in the borders. Course development, genre analysis and the role of ESP in education. 34th GERAS International Conference, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, Paris, France. 22 Mar 2013 - 23 Mar 2013. 

Dr Helen Basturkmen's Recent Publications

Career history

I have been a lecturer in the Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics for over ten years. Prior to this, I worked as a lecturer and in the Office of Consultation and Training at the University of Kuwait and as a lecturer and teacher educator (Diploma in Language Teaching) in Turkey. Currently I am on the editorial review board of two journals: Journal of English for Academic Purposes and New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics.


Current teaching

Language Teaching and Learning
Course Title Availability in 2014
LANGTCHG 101 Introduction to Language Teaching Semester 1, repeated Semester 2
LANGTCHG 205 Developing Literacy in a Second Language Semester 1
LANGTCHG 744 Discourse Analysis Semester 1, repeated Semester 2
LANGTCHG 754 Special Topic: English for Specific Purposes Semester 2

Dr Helen Basturkmen's Teaching

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