Faculty of Arts - Humanities

Professor Timothy Mulgan

BA (Otago) , DPhil (Oxford)


Professor Timothy Mulgan

Humanities, Philosophy

Email: t.mulgan@auckland.ac.nz

Extension: 87607 (ph + 64 9 373 7599)

Arts 2
18 Symonds St
Room 212

Research interests

Moral theory, political philosophy

Current research

Mulgan, T., Beyond Theism and Atheism: the moral and metaphysical case for ananthropocentric purposivism. (Under contract with Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2014.)

Professor Timothy Mulgan's Research

Recent publications

Mulgan, T., 2011, Ethics for a Broken World, Acumen (UK) and McGill University Press (USA), 228pp

Mulgan, T., 2011. ‘Consequentialism’. In Oxford Bibliographies Online.

Mulgan, T., 2011, ‘The Future of Utilitarianism’, The Tocqueville Review/La Revue Tocqueville, 32, pp. 143-168.

Mulgan, T., ‘Teoria etica e intuizioni in un mondo in frantumi’, La societa degli individui, volume 39, 2010.

Mulgan, T., 2009, ‘Rule Consequentialism and Non-Identity’, in M. Roberts and D. Wasserman (eds.), Harming Future Persons, Springer, pp. 115-134.

Mulgan, T., 2009, ‘The Demanding Future’, in T. Chappell (ed.), The Demands of Morality, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 201-219

Mulgan, T., 2008, ‘Sidgwick, Origen, and the reconciliation of egoism and morality’, Etica e politica, 10, pp. 42-71.

Mulgan, T., 2007, Understanding Utilitarianism, Acumen, 192pp.

Mulgan, T., 2006, Future People, Oxford University Press, 384pp. [Paperback 2008.]

Professor Timothy Mulgan's Publications

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