Birth, Death, and Disease: Anthropological Demography


Examines how human populations change over time, what factors underlie patterns of disease and death, and why demography is so important to the study of epidemics. The course will explore the use of demographic methods and theories of demographic and epidemiological transition to examine fertility, morbidity, mortality and migration from an anthropological perspective, with a particular focus on infectious disease dynamics. 

Course goals and outcomes:

  1. Understanding of the theoretical basis of demographic and epidemiological analysis in anthropology
  2. Ability to employ basic methods of demographic analysis in original research, both independently and cooperatively
  3. Contribution to preservation of Auckland heritage and understanding of local demographic and cultural history

Availability 2022

Not taught in 2022




ANTHRO 337: 15 points


ANTHRO 201 or 30 points in Anthropology at Stage II or above