Faculty of Arts


Heritage Conservation in Aotearoa


Addresses the main principles of heritage conservation focusing on the rationale rather than treatment method. Special emphasis is given to the fields of: conservation of place, archaeological, maori building, ethnographic, fine art and paper conservation. Provides students with a cultural orientation to conservation where issues are examined through several contexts, including anthropological studies and conservation science.

NB: enrolment is limited to 20 students, with selection within the following categories based on the best three Anthropology courses and Grade Point Average: 1) Anthropology major or Anthropological Science major; 2) Anthropology minor; 3) Other.

Availability 2012

Semester 1


Coordinator(s)  Dilys Johns

Recommended Reading

Caple, Chris Conservation skills judgement, method and decision making. Routledge 2000.


ANTHRO 340: 15.0 points


ANTHRO 100 and 101, and ANTHRO 200 or 201 or 203 or HERITAGE 200 or MUSEUMS 200, or 120 points passed

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