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Crafting Your Career


What exactly is employability or 'career capital' as it is also called? Crafting your Career uses project-based, collaborative, problem-solving exercises to assist students to identify and hone skills to prepare for life after the degree. The world of work is changing rapidly and this course aims to enhance students’ work-readiness by assisting them to understand, develop and communicate skills that employers say are essential to career success.

Course structure and learning outcomes are closely related to the themes and capabilities expressed in the University Graduate Profiles.

By the time students complete this course we expect they will:

  • understand what employability is and adopt an employability mindset
  • understand the broad cross-functional/transferrable skill set developed in the process of completing an undergraduate degree
  • understand the key skills and capabilities sought in the job market
  • have greater self-awareness and apply self-reflective methods to learn from experience
  • have greater confidence in using critical thinking, problem-solving, team collaboration and communication skills to develop and present innovative solutions to real world problems
  • have greater confidence in communicating key skills and strengths to potential employers
  • have greater business awareness and understand work place expectations and norms
  • have the self-knowledge and confidence to start crafting a future career around individual values, strengths and interests as well as skills and subject knowledge

Availability 2021

Semester 2


Lecturer(s) Ms Jane Bradley
Edward Elder


All reading material will be provided via Canvas for this course.


Coursework + exam


CAREER 100: 15.0 points


60 points passed


ARTSGEN 102, POPLHLTH 300, 302

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