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Career 300 enables students to gain workplace experience and to develop new skills, contacts and networks in a setting relevant to personal career interests. Students will undertake an internship project with a business or community enterprise. Academic content will include preparation before, and self-reflection during and reporting at the end of the placement. Consideration will be given to overseas as well as locally based opportunities.

The aim of the course is to enable students to gain academic credit by undertaking a supervised project in a workplace or community setting. The placement should align with their future career interests and enable them to experience life ‘on the job’, use the skills they have developed throughout their study and develop new skills and relationships that will enhance their employability and work readiness. Students accepted into this course will be expected to:

  • Identify suitable internship opportunities
  • Prepare a targeted CV for a specific placement
  • Attend an interview with the partnering organisation, then summarise and reflect on the interview
  • Set goals for their internship and create a plan for achieving those goals
  • Complete reflections on their learning experience in the internship
  • Participate in regular academic seminars to help integrate the knowledge and experience gained through the work placement
  • Report back to the cohort/course convenor in the form of a presentation summarising their internship project, key achievements and skill development

Internship placements will be organised by the course convenor in consultation with the student and projects will be negotiated between the student, the workplace supervisor and the course convenor.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Confidently prepare a targeted CV for roles in their area of interest
  • Understand the recruitment process and have the confidence to complete a competency/behavioural based job interview for roles in their area of interest
  • Reflect on workplace dynamics and their own learning and skill development in the workplace
  • Identify, research and apply for roles in their area of interest
  • Present confidently to a group and answer questions about specific project activities and outcomes
  • Identify areas for self-improvement and skill development
  • Understand how to build and leverage off professional relationships and networks for job-seeking and career development

Graduate profile

The course will help students to develop these capabilities within the BA Graduate profile:

  • Interact and collaborate with individuals and groups to accomplish tasks, and show capacity to work constructively as part of a team to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Able to define, contextualize and address questions or problems through multi-disciplinary and or interdisciplinary enquiry
  • Research, imagine, and aim to create transformative solutions to defined problems.
  • Express and present information and ideas clearly, coherently, and persuasively in a variety of forms to diverse audiences.

Availability 2021

Semester 1, repeated Semester 2


Coordinator(s) Ms Jane Bradley
Lecturer(s)  Edward Elder


Coursework only.


CAREER 300: 15.0 points


60 points passed at Stage II with a Grade Point Average of 6.0 or higher and Den or nominee approval



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