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Special Topic: Chinese Film

Please note: this is archived course information from 2012 for CHINESE 213.


This course studies Chinese cinema (including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other areas of the Chinese Diaspora) as a complex cultural product (eg, artistic expression, political statement, revolutionary message, avant-garde experiment, popular culture medium, commodity). The course is organised thematically and will focus on four main units: Popular Cinema, Cinema and the Nation, Art Cinema and "Other" Chinese Cinema. Each of these topical divisions will critically examine gender issues (male and female sexuality in Chinese cinema), film genre (eg, martial arts, drama, melodrama, comedies, ghost stories) and politics of filmmaking (ie, the making of national and transnational Chinese identity). All film showings will be with English subtitles and the paper will be taught in English. This course is taught by Dr Paola Voci of the University of Otago and will be delivered as a distance learning course to students of Chinese and Asian Studies in The University of Auckland. Lectures will be videoed and made available as podcasts; tutorials will be in real time using an AV classroom.

Availability 2012

Not taught in 2012


Coordinator(s) Dr Hilary Chung




CHINESE 213: 15.0 points


Either CHINESE 101 or 110 or 130

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