Courses in Communication and Technology

Bachelor of Communication - BC

Note: Courses also include COMPSCI 101, COMPSCI 130, SCIGEN 101 and STATS 101, which are taught by the Faculty of Science. For information about this course, see Faculty of Science course information.

Course Title Available in 2023
COMMS 100 Communication, Technology and Culture Semester 1
COMMS 101 Understanding Communication in Māori and Pacific Worlds Semester 2
COMMS 103 Digital Communication and Practice Semester 2
Course Title Available in 2023
DRAMA 100 Presentation and Performance Skills: Taking the Stage Semester 2
Course Title Available in 2023
LINGUIST 100 Introduction to Linguistics Semester 1, repeated Semester 2
LINGUIST 101 Language, Mind and Society Semester 1
Course Title Available in 2023
PHIL 104 Ethics and Justice Semester 2