World Literatures 1: Life, Death, War, Peace, Love


Myths, epics, bawdy tales, satires, songs and plays make up traditions of ancient, medieval and early modern cultures. Compares cultural stories worldwide, from early writing to the French Revolution. Includes Gilgamesh, Aztec myths, Roland, The Tale of Genji, Scandinavian tales, Shakespeare's Tempest, Blake's poetry. Introduces skills for reading narratives by genre, theme and poetics. Texts are in English, with attention to texts' original languages.

For full course information see the Digital Course Outline.

Course outcomes

 A student who successfully completes this course will have the opportunity to:

  • Acquire knowledge of world literatures till the 18th century
  • Understand and apply theory of literature to their essays
  • Acquire skills in essay writing, critical thinking, academic literacy

Availability 2024

Semester 1


Lecturer(s) Dr Nicole Perry


  • Norton Anthology of World Literature. Ed. Martin Puchner et al. Shorter 3rd ed. NY: WW Norton, 2012. Volume One.
  • Additional course readings - poetry, prose narrative, drama from different cultures, ancient, medieval and early modern - and some secondary material posted to the CANVAS course website.


COMPLIT 200: 15 points


60 points passed