CRIM 780 A & B
CRIM 780

Research Project


All students commencing enrolment in BA(Hons) in Criminology from semester one 2022 on will be required to complete CRIM780 Research Project.

CRIM780 is an individual independent research project supervised by a full time member of the academic staff of Sociology or Criminology. During 2022 semester one there will be a small number of meetings for all students undertaking CRIM 780, although most of the work for this course will be independent research undertaken with guidance from your academic supervisor.

Completion of CRIM 780 will require submission of a written assignment of no more than 12,000 words. The deadline for submission is Friday 21st October 2022. An extension may be granted in case of illness, the exact length of which will be decided on a case by case basis and in accordance with our school, faculty and university policies.

In order that the disciplinary area of Criminology can assign you a supervisor with suitable expertise, you are asked to submit a one page Statement of Research Intent by Friday, 17th June, 2022. This must be no more than one page single spaced (maximum 500 words). In this document please clearly state:

  1. Your name, student ID number, university email address and date you first enrolled in the BA(Hons);
  2. A title which clearly and succinctly summarises your proposed research project;
  3. One paragraph outlining the research area in which your research project fits (for example, penology, cybercrime, crime and deviance, youth crime, indigenous criminology), and your focus within that area;
  4. One paragraph outlining the specific research question for the focus of your research project;
  5. A very brief indication of the rationale for your research project (for example, clarification of some conceptual problem, survey of a specific literature, or preparation for an MA thesis, etc.);
  6. Although you do not need to have a fully developed research methodology for this Statement of Research Intent, if you have a clear idea of how your project will proceed, you may wish to mention this. Because of ethics requirements at the University of Auckland and the timeframe of these projects, it is unlikely that this research project will involve the collection of primary empirical data, and is more like to be conceptual or based on existing secondary data (quantitative or qualitative);
  7. If you have identified a potential supervisor for your research project, please note this in your one page Statement of Research Intent. You do not need to negotiate with supervisors in advance, and please note that allocations will consider but will not rest solely on preferences expressed by students;
  8. Your Statement of Research Intent does not require a reference list or a full literature review, but you please feel free to mention the names of key authors you will draw upon where this is relevant.

Statements of research intent are due no later than Friday, 17th June, 2022. Please keep to this as a strict deadline, so that approval of research projects and allocation of supervisors can be made before the start of term on Monday, 18th July, 2022. Please submit your Statement of Research Intent to Linda Susanty

Availability 2022

Semester 2


Coordinator(s) Dr Sailau Suaali-Sauni


CRIM 780A: 15 points

CRIM 780B: 15 points

CRIM 780: 30 points