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Literature From Sonnets to Comics

Please note: this is archived course information from 2012 for ENGLISH 111.


We enjoy a wide range of texts – poetry, drama, novel, satire, live-action film, animated film, comic, children’s story – as we work back gradually from the twenty-first century to Shakespeare. We explore texts, terms, contexts, theory and approaches. We consider new findings about human minds and human nature relevant to literature and life. We stress creative and critical thinking, reading and writing, in our authors and in our responses to them. We consider the element of play and laughter in literature, from Dr. Seuss and Wallace and Gromit to Shakespeare. We also briefly consider material outside English-language traditions, both European (this year, a Polish film) and non-European (a Brazilian novel and the Chinese poet Li Po).

Availability 2012

Not taught in 2012


Coordinator(s) Distinguished Professor Brian Boyd


Coursework + exam


ENGLISH 111: 15.0 points

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