Research Essay


Research Project under supervision of an appropriate member of staff.

To complete this course students may enrol in ENGLISH 780 A and B, or ENGLISH 780 in either Semester 1 or 2. Please contact the Postgraduate Adviser (English) to discuss potential topics and supervisors. Ideally you should make contact with the Postgraduate Adviser at least 1 month before your proposed semester(s) of study in this course begins.

Note: ENGLISH 780 enables students to fulfil the compulsory 30 pt research requirement of the BA(Hons) in English. 240 pt MA students are not required to take ENGLISH 780 or ENGLISH 781 but must include a research component of at least 45 pts in the second year of their program.

Availability 2024

Semester 1, or Semester 2, or Semester 1 and 2 (full year)




ENGLISH 780: 30 points