Research Project


ENGLISH 781 is the research hub of the BA(Hons) programme. It offers students one-on-one supervision while fostering a collaborative research environment. In this community of peer researchers, you can develop your individual research capability as well as valuable project management, presentation and editing skills.

The course includes an introductory session and supervised research cluster meetings, in which students can discuss their individual research projects in a supportive peer environment. The course largely proceeds by individual supervision; students give an oral presentation as they produce an independent extended research essay.

This course provides preparation for students intending to proceed to an MA or PhD. It can also provide the transferable skills often valued by employers of Arts graduates: the ability to conceive and implement a project to completion, to conceptualise and clarify a problem and to cogently report the results.

Note: ENGLISH 781 is generally required for all BA(Hons) students in English; the Head of Disciplinary Area may permit the substitution of a Dissertation (ENGLISH 780). 240 pt MA students are not required to take ENGLISH 780 or ENGLISH 781, but must include a research component of at least 45 pts in the second year of their program.

Availability 2024

Semester 1, repeated Semester 2




ENGLISH 781: 30 points