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Reinterpreting European Identities: Past and Present

Please note: this is archived course information from 2012 for EUROPEAN 703.


Focuses on themes relevant to European identity: the evolution and critique of European cultural models and historical memory. It provides a nuanced understanding of European identities, past and present, requisite for the integrated study of literature and culture with other subjects in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Availability 2012

Not taught in 2012


Lecturer(s) Professor Jose Colmeiro
Professor Jean-Jacques Courtine
Dr Ruth Diver
Associate Professor Roberto Gonzalez-Casanovas
Dr Franco Manai
Coordinator(s) Professor Christine Arkinstall


European cultural models

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Historical memory

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Recommended Reading


Two essays: 30% and 50% (3000 words and 5000 words, respectively); One oral presentation: 20% (2000 words)
Total: 10,000 words


EUROPEAN 703: 30.0 points

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