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Introductory French Language 1

Please note: this is archived course information from 2017 for FRENCH 101.


This is an intensive, four-skill language course. It is delivered through two 90-minute on campus classes per week, focusing on oral and written production, blended with an online component that uses up-to-date methodology and extensive multimedia materials to introduce and practise language structure and vocabulary. French 101 is designed for beginners or near beginners; students who have achieved 24 recent credits in Level 1 NCEA French or 12-16 recent credits in Level 2 NCEA French (or equivalent previous study) should enrol in FRENCH 102. FRENCH 101 does not count towards a major in French.

Class limits information for 2017: Enrolment in FRENCH 101 is limited to 100 students in Semester One, enrolment in FRENCH 101G is limited to 70 students in Summer School and 190 students in Semester One, with admission based on: (i) Language Ability Declaration indicating little or no prior knowledge of French; (ii) ineligibility for admission to FRENCH 102; and (iii) first in, first enrolled.

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Availability 2017

Semester 1


Coordinator(s) Dr Kevin Mendousse


Connect Plus registration code for Terrell, Rogers, Kerr & Spielmann (2013, 7th ed.), Deux mondes, A Communicative Approach [selected chapters]; NB: the registration code, which must be purchased new, grants access both to an e-book copy of the aforementioned set text and to online multimedia coursework assignments.


Coursework + exam


FRENCH 101: 15.0 points


FRENCH 161. May not be taken if a more advanced language acquisition course in this subject has previously been passed

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