French Language and Culture in Film and Literature


A linguistic and cultural course taught entirely in French and designed to enhance students' aural, oral and written proficiency through the study of a series of recent films and literary texts that also shed light on important aspects of twentieth-century France.

This course is designed for students with 24 credits in Level 3 NCEA French, or who have passed FRENCH 203.

Objectives / Learning Outcomes

  • Provide insights into key questions in French society and culture (social revolution and generational change; gender and sexuality; ethnicity class and religion; social inclusion and exclusion) through the study of popular literary texts and popular films
  • Introduce students to the analysis of literary, visual and musical texts
  • Introduce theoretical concepts, e.g., stereotyping, parody, satire
  • Introduce students to filmic analysis (e.g., shot scale, angle and editing, lighting and sound, mise en scene, acting styles)
  • Enable students to practise and further develop linguistic competency (aural comprehension, vocabulary and grammar, oral expression and writing skills) in French


Coursework only


For full course information see the Digital Course Outline for FRENCH 269

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Availability 2024

Not taught in 2024


Lecturer(s) Associate Professor Deborah Walker-Morrison


100% coursework


FRENCH 269: 15 points


15 points from FRENCH 203, 204, 304, or approval of Academic Head or nominee