Faculty of Arts


Reality TV

Please note: this is archived course information from 2012 for FTVMS 708.


This course investigates the different ways in which reality TV can be seen, read and interpreted as having political and social significance. It is an interdisciplinary course that starts with the study of popular television programmes to explain society-specific outcomes. The broad organising themes include: gender, surveillance, society and nation. These themes will be studied in relation to the main descriptors of reality TV, such as the representation of "ordinary" people in "real" life situations. The focus of the course is international: from China to Europe, from New Zealand to the US. Differences in media and political systems will form the basis from which to ask questions about the social and political ideas, beliefs and values of reality TV.

Availability 2012

Semester 2


Lecturer(s) Dr Valentina Cardo


FTVMS 708: 30.0 points



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