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Writing New Zealand

Please note: this is archived course information from 2012 for HISTORY 705.


Writing New Zealand begins with a focus on the writing of general histories and overviews of New Zealand histories, from nineteenth-century accounts through to recent, revisionist undertakings. It then considers key texts that are not general histories and the debates generated by such works. The final section of the course is student-directed. Members of the class will select a topic in New Zealand history to research. They will lead a class discussion around the historiography of their topic and present their research to the group. Assessment: 100% coursework: review essay (2000 words) 20%; seminar essay (3000 words) 20%; seminar participation 10%; research essay (5000 words) 50% A coursebook will be distributed at the first seminar.

To complete this course students must enrol in HISTORY 705 A and B.

Availability 2012

Semester 1 and 2 (full year)


Coordinator(s) Dr Felicity Barnes


HISTORY 705A: 15.0 points

HISTORY 705B: 15.0 points

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