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Japanese Study Abroad 3B

Please note: this is archived course information from 2019 for JAPANESE 378.


This course is intended to cover the study of Japanese at an approved overseas institution. Enrolment is subject to approval of the planned overseas study by the Academic Head or nominee. A student must be currently enrolled at the University of Auckland in this course before starting overseas study. A grade for the course will be determined on completion of the study on the basis of formal assessment of achievement in Japanese.

Every year applicants are sought for the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Short Stay Winter Program (four weeks from beginning of January). Their courses are designed to be practical ones providing the participants hands-on exposure to everyday Japanese language used in Japanese education, culture and society. Classes will be divided according to the Japanese language proficiency of the participants and every class is designed to fulfill the needs of participants at different levels. Each class will consist of a small number of participants – 12 or less. While supporting the participants to improve their Japanese language skills, this programme will provide invaluable opportunities to experience the real Japan.

This programme includes various off-campus activities – a two-day excursion; culture trips to Tokyo and Kanto regions - to broaden the participants’ understanding of Japanese culture. With the support from TUFS International Student Support Association, on-campus Japanese culture experience – tea ceremony, Kimono try-on, flower arrangement, calligraphy and interacting opportunities with TUFS Japanese students - will also be offered.

Availability 2019

Summer School, repeated Semester 1 and 2




Coursework only


JAPANESE 378: 15.0 points


JAPANESE 377 and approval of Academic Head or nominee

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