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Advanced Korean 1

Please note: this is archived course information from 2017 for KOREAN 300.


Welcome to Korean 300!

This course is a continuation of Korean 201. 

The aim of this course is to equip students with proficiency in all four language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing - at an advanced-intermediate level. Through the use of multimedia and stimulating classroom activities, KOREAN 300 will engage students in readings of short Korean texts on a variety of topics. In particular, this course is designed to enhance students' ability to extract and discuss the main ideas from various texts. Each lesson focuses on using new words/expressions introduced in the textbook in meaningful, communicative contexts. Students will then engage in pre-reading discussion, followed by readings of authentic materials. Some class time will also be used for interactive speaking/listening activities and creative writing exercises.

Students who successfully complete the course should be able to communicate in Korean on various sociocultural topics, to comprehend authentic readings (eg, newspaper articles, essays) and to write on a range of topics from cultural differences to interpersonal relationships.

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Availability 2017

Semester 1


Lecturer(s) Dr Mi Yung Park


Integrated Korean: Advanced Intermediate 1.


Coursework + exam


KOREAN 300: 15.0 points




May not be taken if a more advanced language acquisition course in this subject has previously been passed

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