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Using Tasks in Language Teaching


This course examines the currently popular task-based approach to second language teaching. You will have an opportunity to understand the basic principles of task-based instruction and engage in hands-on activities where you apply the principles to create classroom tasks. You will develop a deep understanding of the various options for the pre-, main- and post-task phases. You will also learn how to integrate task-based instruction with traditional approaches and maintain a meaning-oriented classroom without sacrificing form.

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Availability 2017

Semester 1


Coordinator(s) Dr Shaofeng Li


Willis, D. & Willis, J. (2007). Doing Task-based Teaching. Oxford: OUP  

Recommended Reading

Ellis, R. (2003). Task-based language learning and teaching. Oxford: OUP


LANGTCHG 306: 15.0 points


LANGTCHG 101 or 202, or 30 points at Stage II or III, or approval of the Academic Head or nominee

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