Second/Foreign Language Teaching Practice


This course aims to create opportunities for students to integrate knowledge about language teaching and language acquisition with professional teaching practice.

The course has three main components. Firstly students will, every week, have the opportunity to observe in language classrooms. At the same time they will complete observation schedules aimed at identifying specific features of teaching practice. These observation schedules/tasks will contribute to their overall assessment.

Secondly it is envisaged that students will have two opportunities to design and teach lessons. The first of these will require them to design and teach, on a weekly basis, micro tasks or lessons for other University of Auckland students who come from a non-English speaking background. It is expected that the second will require them to design and teach 30 minute lessons for volunteer ESOL learners. Students will be required to write lesson plans and to complete self-reflections for both of these teaching opportunities. Assessment will be based on written work and on the critical evaluation of one taught lesson.

The last component of the course consists of short lectures which will support students in their lesson planning and in the teaching of lessons. It is anticipated that these lectures will help students relate theory and understanding of second language learning to classroom practice.

This is a 30 point course and it is expected that students will need to allocate 20 hours to successfully complete course requirements.

Availability 2024

Not taught in 2024




LANGTCHG 733: 30 points