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Curriculum Design


This is an advanced level study of theoretical principles and current issues in the second language curriculum. It includes historical examination of influential approaches and methods, with particular attention to the development and current position of communicative approaches. It examines issues associated with course design processes including assessment of needs, objectives setting, syllabus and materials selections and course evaluation.

The first part of the course examines sociopolitical and cultural factors that impact on the teaching of second languages, and the phenomenon of “global English”. It discusses the historical development of communicative approaches over the last 60 years, and issues associated with communicative language teaching in non-western context.

The second half of the course looks at the benefits and limitations of curricula that are organised around language, content, learning or learners’ needs. It reviews curriculum development and implementation processes from the consideration of context and learner factors through goal specifications, unit and lesson planning, teaching methodologies and monitoring of the received curriculum.

Throughout the course, class sessions prepare students for assignment tasks, and include explicit instruction, analysis of a range of curriculum documents, practice and theory-based tasks and opportunities for small-group and whole-class discussions.

A course text will be available that includes all course materials with practice tasks.

Learning aims

Students will:

  • Acquire specialised knowledge of theoretical approaches to curriculum design
  • Become critically aware of current issues and debates in the field
  • Conduct a curriculum design project that requires them to identify a particular student group and context, carry out design tasks and evaluate the resulting curriculum against principles of best practice

Availability 2021

Semester 2


Lecturer(s) Dr Rosemary Wette


LANGTCHG 760: 15.0 points

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