Faculty of Arts


Media, Sound and Music


This seminar-style course concentrates on the relationships between media, sound and music from a broad range of perspectives and approaches in the performing arts, humanities and social sciences. Students present and discuss their close reading of scholarly articles/chapters (and associated listening/viewing) about some of the significant issues and arguments in this interdisciplinary field. 

Topics include: Sound Studies and Popular Music Studies; Noise/Music; Listening and Feeling; Technologies and Material Cultures; The Sounds of Recorded Voices and Music; Music and Moving Images; Musicians and Audiences; Political Economy of Music; Identities and Politics.

We will listen to, watch and talk about sounds with examples from around the world past and present. The convener introduces the topic each week and facilitates discussion. Each student makes a 10-minute presentation on one article/chapter in the required reading from the semester with questions and/or discussion points. Each student also pursues a relevant research project of their choice through various stages – discussion in class, a 1000-word research proposal, a 10-minute classroom presentation, and a 6000-word final research paper.

Availability 2019

Semester 2


Coordinator(s) Dr Nabeel Zuberi


MEDIA 713: 30.0 points


FTVMS 713, 730, 738

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