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The Pacific: Interdisciplinary Studies


This course lies at the heart of graduate studies in Pacific Studies at the University of Auckland and aims to give students a deeper understanding of Pacific Studies as an interdiscipline, an understanding of its constituent parts, its intellectual and institutional genealogy, its diversities and its challenges, as well as exploring some specific iterations of Pacific Studies and a few of its key debates.  By turning to some of the ideological and theoretical underpinnings of Pacific Studies, and attending to its development and history, PACIFIC 700 is designed to give students an emerging mastery of Pacific Studies.

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Availability 2019

Semester 1


Coordinator(s) Dr Lisa Uperesa


The Cambridge History of the Pacific Islanders, D. Denoon et al (eds.) Cambridge University Press, 1997.

This will be supplemented by a course book of readings plus readings provided by guest lecturers and any additional reading as required.


PACIFIC 700A: 15.0 points

PACIFIC 700: 30.0 points

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