The Pacific: Interdisciplinary Studies


This course lies at the heart of postgraduate studies in Pacific Studies at the University of Auckland. It aims to give students a deeper understanding of Pacific Studies as an (inter)discipline, an understanding of its constituent parts, its intellectual and institutional genealogies, as well as its diversities and its challenges.


The course begins with an exploration of Pacific Studies genealogies, discussions on indigenous knowledge and frameworks, and engagement with the wider politics of knowledge production about the Pacific. We then turn to key topics and debates, which may include gender and sexualities, cultural production, racial legacies, political contests, globalisation and extractive commodities, diaspora and transnationalism, and the futures of Pacific Studies and Pacific communities.


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Please contact the Postgraduate Adviser to select a supervisor prior to enrolment.

Availability 2024

Semester 1


Lecturer(s) Dr Emalani Case


PACIFIC 700: 30 points