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The Practice of Politics

Please note: this is archived course information from 2016 for POLITICS 206.


The Practice of Politics aims to develop the skills and knowledge needed for students to practice politics effectively. The course explores:

Working in politics: the wide range of jobs available in politics and government and what they are like

Careers in politics: applying for and getting politics jobs including CV building

Effective practice in politics: skills such as workplace writing and media training

Ethical practice: ethical compliance, avoiding corruption, supporting diversity and the art of the possible

The Practice of Politics will help you develop a plan for getting yourself prepared for work after your degree. Employers increasingly want to see evidence of skills not just knowledge and this course will help you understand how your politics degree can be used after graduation. It will also give you the chance to reflect on what type of political job you might be best suited to as well as increasing your chances of getting on your preferred career path.

The course is taught by interactive workshops and a discussion hour, and assessed by 4 short reports. A wide range of guest speakers are included in the timetable including MPs, political advisors, council staff, policy advisors, NGO staff. University careers development and employment service run careers workshops; and University media productions run media training in their studio. There is a detailed course website with essential tasks and further resources including videos of former students and guest speakers.

Student feedback on the course includes:

  • "Opened my eyes to the variety of different jobs available in politics."
  • "Has practical knowledge that can be applied to the real world."
  • "Videos of ex-students talking about their jobs were inspiring."
  • "This course is very useful and the most relevant to work life after graduation; should be a core paper for ALL politics majors."
  • "Every workshop was valuable not just to the assignments, but also my understanding of how my education would be useful in the workforce."

You can watch a short video of students discussing why they found the course valuable here.

For further information see the online resource centre (university login only)

Availability 2016

Semester 2


Lecturer(s) Associate Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment


Coursework only


POLITICS 206: 15.0 points


30 points at Stage I in Political Studies or Politics and International Relations



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