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The Practice of Politics



"The Practice of Politics" aims to develop the skills and knowledge needed for students to practice politics effectively; considering the range of jobs available in politics and government, the highs and lows of working in politics, the skills to practice politics both effectively and ethically and the path to obtaining a position in politics and government.

The course will explore four main aspects:

  1. Working in politics: The ideal of practising politics; Political jobs; Political practitioners; and the Highs and lows of working in politics including job satisfaction & suitability
  2. Effective Political Practice: Practical skill training such as workplace writing and media skills
  3. Ethical Political Practice: Ethical awareness, supporting diversity, dilemmas of being a government advisor and the art of the possible/achieving change
  4. Careers in Politics: Personal brand and capabilities development plan; Applying for jobs in politics; Interviewing for jobs in politics

Course Objectives and/or Learning outcomes

Employability Skills:

This course is 100% focused on employability and covers skills such as:

  • Professional attributes and self-management: open to learning new skills, ability to work independently, able to follow rules, good time management, able to meet deadlines, able to take responsibility for own work and performance, responsive to feedback, self-reflective, understanding of government and the political workplace
  • Workplace writing skills: short reports, memo writing, report-style presentation
  • Communication skills: media skills
  • Values and ethical awareness: supportive of diversity, ethical behaviour, possessing integrity and principles



See the Online resource centrehttps://www.coursebuilder.cad.auckland.ac.nz/flexiblelearning/practice-of-politics/

Availability 2019

Not taught in 2019


Lecturer(s) Associate Professor Jennifer Lees-Marshment


POLITICS 315: 15.0 points


30 points at Stage II in Political Studies or Politics and International Relations



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