Tourism and Heritage


Tourism is a significant arena where the pursuit of personal experience impacts globally. This human mobility has enormous implications for the cultures, economies and physical environments of both suppliers and consumers of tourist services and attractions. Issues surrounding social justice are fundamental to the study of tourism impacts.

In this course we will explore a range of aspects of tourism, including:

  • A summary history of western tourism and of New Zealand tourism
  • Theoretical paradigms
  • Shifting museum cultures and heritage as visitor attractions
  • Developmental and environmental issues and the global tourism industry
  • Photography, souvenirs and diaries as mnemonics of tourism
  • Sex and death; food and senses; gender issues and tourism; Dark Tourism, Disaster Tourism


  • To provide tools for the theoretical analysis of tourism and heritage
  • To develop critical awareness of political issues and controversies regarding tourism and heritage
  • To consider research methodologies used in the investigation of tourism and heritage

To achieve the course objectives you will need to:

  • Attend the scheduled weekly three hour lecture
  • Read the set texts, and contribute to class discussions on those readings
  • Complete and submit a series of short exercises, as well as present a 15 minute seminar on your own work, and one major essay

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Availability 2024

Not taught in 2024




SOCIOL 732: 30 points