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Ancient History


Applied Linguistics

Art History

Asian Studies

ASIAN 700 Research Methods
ASIAN 701 East Asia: Civilisation, Tradition and Globalisation
ASIAN 708 Religion in Modern Japanese Society
ASIAN 710 Translation Project
ASIAN 711 Dissertation on Translation
ASIAN 712 Dissertation on Translation
ASIAN 752 A Course-linked Research Topic
ASIAN 753 Special Topic
ASIAN 754 Special Topic
ASIAN 755 Directed Study
ASIAN 756 Directed Study
ASIAN 757 Research Essay
ASIAN 758 Research Essay
ASIAN 759 Research Essay
ASIAN 780 Dissertation
ASIAN 793 Thesis
ASIAN 796 Thesis
ASIAN 797 Research Portfolio
CHINESE 709 Chinese Pedagogical Grammar 1
CHINESE 710 Chinese Pedagogical Grammar 2
CHINESE 724 Chinese Film and Popular Culture
CHINESE 727 Chinese New Zealanders
CHINESE 729 Special Topic
CHINESE 730 Directed Study
CHINESE 731 Research Essay
CHINESE 732 Directed Study
CHINESE 735 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
CHINESE 736 Chinese Phonology and Dialects
CHINESE 737 Research Essay
COMPLIT 703 Rethinking Literary Translation
COMPLIT 705 Reading Across Cultures
HISTORY 737 Rethinking History
JAPANESE 704 Advanced Language Acquisition 1
JAPANESE 706 Advanced Language Acquisition 2
JAPANESE 723 Problems in Japanese Syntax
JAPANESE 725 Japanese Phonology and Morphology
JAPANESE 728 Topics in Japanese Linguistics 2
JAPANESE 744 Special Topic: Topics in Japanese Religion and Society
JAPANESE 745 Directed Study
JAPANESE 746 Research Essay
JAPANESE 747 Directed Study
JAPANESE 748 Research Essay
POLITICS 751 Great Power Relations


Comparative Literature

Creative Writing


Conflict and Terrorism Studies

Development Studies



European Studies


Media, Film and Television (FTVMS)

Gender Studies




Indigenous Studies

International Relations & Human Rights




Languages and Literature

Language Teaching & Learning



Logic & Computation

Māori Studies

Media, Film and Television

Museums & Cultural Heritage

Pacific Studies


Public Policy

Politics and International Relations


Screen Production



Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Translation Studies

COMPLIT 703 Rethinking Literary Translation
COMPLIT 705 Reading Across Cultures
COMPLIT 707 Special Topic
COMPLIT 709 Reading Across Cultures
COMPLIT 711 Rethinking Literary Translation
FRENCH 702 Language Acquisition I
FRENCH 703 Language Acquisition II
FRENCH 707 Specialised French Translation 1
FRENCH 708 Specialised French Translation 2
FRENCH 720 Advanced French Translation
FRENCH 777 Study Abroad
FRENCH 778 Study Abroad
FRENCH 790 Dissertation
GERMAN 741 German Translation Project
GERMAN 777 Study Abroad
GERMAN 778 Study Abroad
GERMAN 780 Dissertation
GREEK 714 Unprepared Translation 1
ITALIAN 700 Language Acquisition: Oral and Written Use of Italian
ITALIAN 702 Advanced Italian Translation Practice
ITALIAN 777 Study Abroad
ITALIAN 778 Study Abroad
ITALIAN 780 Dissertation
JAPANESE 704 Advanced Language Acquisition 1
JAPANESE 706 Advanced Language Acquisition 2
LATIN 714 Unprepared Translation 1
MĀORI 713 Te Reo Tuku Iho
PACIFIC 785 Dissertation
RUSSIAN 732 Advanced Russian Translation Practice
SPANISH 700 Spanish Language: Theory and Practice
SPANISH 723 Advanced Spanish Translation Practice
SPANISH 777 Study Abroad
SPANISH 778 Study Abroad
TRANSLAT 712 Computer-aided Translation (CAT) Tools
TRANSLAT 713 Community Interpreting and Contextual Studies
TRANSLAT 714 Research Methods in Translation Studies
TRANSLAT 716 Chinese Specialised Translation
TRANSLAT 717 German Specialised Translation
TRANSLAT 718 Japanese Specialised Translation
TRANSLAT 719 Translation Theories and Paradigms
TRANSLAT 724 Localisation
TRANSLAT 725 Research Essay
TRANSLAT 726 Translation Project
TRANSLAT 727 Translation Project
TRANSLAT 728 Special Topic
TRANSLAT 729 Special Topic
TRANSLAT 777 Study Abroad
TRANSLAT 778 Study Abroad
TRANSLAT 790 Dissertation

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