Germans in Tonga 1855-1960

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Surname Hansen
First name(s) Hans Jorgen
Date of birth 1861
Sex Male
Biography Male, born 1861 in Hadersleben, in the Danish duchy of Schleswig, which formed part of Germany from 1864 to 1920. He served in the Deutsche Marine for 2 years and 9 months where he was an Able Seaman, arrived in Tonga on 06/06/1886 and lived in Haapai around 1890. He otherwise resided in Nei’afu, Vava’u, where he was a trader for the Deutsche Handels- und Plantagen-Gesellschaft, and was the father of five children including his daughter Rosie, who was married in Tonga on 21/05/1931 to Arnold Edward Page (1904-1996). In 1903 he signed a petition supporting British Government involvement in the administration of justice in Tonga. Hansen was described in 1916 as 5’7½” with a light complexion. (BCT 1 / 43 / 45 / 3; Enemy Alien Files no. 52, 17/05/1916; Tim Page, John Page, Auckland)

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