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NZ Foreign Policy Research Archive – Research Publications Index

1. Alach, Zhivan New Zealand and Peace Operations: A History
2. Bhurs, Ton New Zealand
3. Bhurs, Ton The OECD's assessment of New Zealand
4. Elvy, Dale Exploring the Silent Consensus
5. Glenn, Hamish Powerful partnerships: New Zealand’s changing relationship with the United States and China
6. Greener-Barcham, Beth Barcham, Manuhuia Terrorism in the South Pacific? Thinking critically about approaches to security in the region
7. Hoadley, Stephen East Timor - Book Review
8. Hoadley, Stephen Economic Security Risk Management in a Small State
9. Hoadley, Stephen Lessons from New Zealand engagment in East Timor
10. Hoadley, Stephen Negoatiating Free Trade Agreements
11. Hoadley, Stephen New Zealand and France
12. Hoadley, Stephen New Zealands Pacific Island Security Policy
13. Hoadley, Stephen Pacific Island Security Management by New Zealand and Australia
14. Hoadley, Stephen Strategic Goals, Diplomaitc processes and political obstacles in negotiating FTAs
15. Hoadley, Stephen The New Zealand PRT Experience in Bamyan Province
16. Hoadley, Stephen; Sato, - US Import Restraints and the Asia Pacific
17. Laery, Nick Political Controversy Surrounding The Deployment Of NZSAS Troops To Afghanistan
18. Leak, Gareth Justice at Last: An exploration of the New Zealand- Australia apple dispute, its context and consequences.
19. Randall, Geoff New Zealand Soft Power
20. Reitzig, Andreas New Zealand's Ban on Nuclear Propelled Ships Revisited

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